Are Wood floors right for a kitchen?

Recently, at Mr. Fixit Fast, we have been receiving a lot of requests for wood floor installations in kitchens.   Wood can be a delicate material, susceptable to many hazards.  Water obviously the worst culprit.  The best you can do is be vigilant and keep the floor clear of any liquids.  In addition, if you choose a wood floor, make sure it is a hard wood such as  Oak or Teak for example.  These are hard woods and will not dent as easily as a soft wood such as pine.  Another consideration is the choice between an engineer wood floor and a nail down hardwood.  A nail down hardwood can be restained if it is damaged; an engineer cannot.  The initial cost, however to install a nail down floor  is more but you may have more flexibility if problems occur.  A wood floor is a warm, beautiful addition to a kitchen and no floor is meant to last forever so as long as you are entering into the purchase knowing the pros and cons, install it properly, and are willing to maintain it, then  go for it!!