Buying a new toilet can save you money.

I recently had a slab leak in my hall bathroom and did a minor renovation which included the purchase of a new toilet.  The design and technology have come a long way from the one that came with the house.  The toilets in this house  were the originals from  1986.  They are water guzzlers.   Based on the new plumbing, I will save $99 a year on water for each toilet every year.  In addition, some cities, including Allen and Plano, have a rebate program where they will deduct $100 of your water bill for the purchase and installation of a high efficiency toilet.  These toilets can cost less than $200 so basically they are paid for in less that a year.  The only outlay is the cost of installation which runs around $100.  What a great way to update your home, save money and do something for the environment.