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If you’re like me, you’re always looking for fresh ideas for decorating your house, especially for the holidays. Here are some fun and different ideas you might like to incorporate this year.

Let’s Start with the Mantle

Of course, you can put a garland on it, but what can you do to make it more interesting?

(Photo Courtesy of House Beautiful)

Use Layers. Charlotte Moss used spruce, pine and juniper to add interest to her holiday mantle.

Red berries, silver pinecones and ribbon and birch twigs enhance and add sparkle.


(Photo Courtesy of Elle Decor)

Invite the wonderful scents of Christmas into your home with natural elements such as citrus and fresh cinnamon sticks.

Nuts in their shells add texture and interest. 


What About the Stairs?

You can use a garland there, too, but let’s make it more interesting with:


Ribbon and lights

(Photo Courtesy of House Beautiful)

See how she hasn’t wrapped the ribbon, but attached it on the outside of the garland so that more of it shows? 



(Photo Courtesy of One Sutton Place)

Isn’t this an adorable place to put your stocking if you don’t have a mantle, or if you don’t want them so close to the fire?

You don’t want the chocolates in those stocking to melt!



(Photo Courtesy of One Sutton Place)

So cheery!



(Photo Courtesy of Clover Lane)

What an adorable place to hang pictures of the family or those photos with Santa.


Think Outside the Box

(Photo Courtesy of The Nomadic Decorator)

What about putting your garland at the bottom of the stairs for a change? 


Going Up

You can draw the eye up with these ideas:

(Photo Courtesy of Elle Decor)

Think about moving your decorations up, to the fixtures.


(Photo Courtesy of House Beautiful) 

A wreath of shiny ornaments brightens any room.


(Photo Courtesy of House Beautiful)

Or decorate a mirror with feathers for a unique focal point.


Metals, the New Neutral


(Photo Courtesy of

Add a pop of metallic to add glam anywhere


On to the Walls


(Photo Courtesy of

Try gift wrapping your wall art to add Christmas to your walls


And the Door


(Photo Courtesy of

Gift wrap or add a bow to your door


In the Kitchen


(Photo Courtesy of

 Put ornaments in a cake stand or cloche for a pop of color in unexpected places


Don’t forget the Windows


(Photo Courtesy of Good Housekeeping)

Try hanging candy canes or ornaments in the window to add to the festivity.


What’s your favorite easy Christmas decorating idea? Which of these do you like best? Please answer in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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