Choosing An Exterior Door For Your Home

I came across this great article on “”, entitled “Choosing an Exterior Door”, that I would like to share with you. Author, Karin Beurlein, discusses types of front entry doors and their pros and cons. Here are some excerpts from her article.
Choosing an Exterior Door
Replacing your front door can pay for itself by increasing your home’s value…What’s more, if you choose an energy efficient exterior door, you may trim up to 10% off your energy bills.
If you are looking to save money, a steel door may be a good choice…a simple steel door can sell for as little as $150 (not including hardware, lockset, paint, or labor) and typically runs as much as $400 at big box retailers. Steel offers the strongest barrier against intruders, although its advantage over fiberglass and wood in this area is slight.
Still, the attractive cost of a steel door comes with an important caveat: its typical life span under duress is shorter than both fiberglass and wood.


Fiberglass doors come in an immense variety of styles, many of which accurately mimic the look of real wood. And if limited upkeep is your ideal, fiberglass may be your best bet.

Fiberglass doesn’t expand or contract appreciably as the weather changes. Therefore, in a reasonably protected location, a fiberglass entry door can go for years without needing a paint or stain touch-up…Fiberglass generally falls between steel and wood in price; models sold in big box stores range from $150 to $600. “Remodeling” magazine lists the cost of a fiberglass entry door replacement project at around $2900.
Wood is considered the go-to choice for high-end projects; its luxe look and substantial weight can’t be flawlessly duplicated by fiberglass or steel-though high-end fiberglass products are getting close.If your home calls for a stunning entry statement with a handcrafted touch, wood may be the best material for you.
Wood is usually the most expensive choice of the three-roughly $500 to $2000.