Don’t Wait Until It’s Time To Move To Update Your Home by Mark Keene

“Tips For Selling A House”, “House Selling Tips”, Raise Your Home’s Value” ; these are titles of articles that I have recently come across offering tips and strategies for homeowners in the process of selling their homes. These articles contain a plethora of timely and useful information that will enhance a home’s value and facilitate the sale.
Several thoughts came to me. Should home improvement take place only when one is putting their home up for sale? Can a homeowner justify new carpets, flooring, tile, or painting simply for the aesthetic enjoyment that it brings? Of course you can! We all know the bromide, a home is a persons most valuable investment. It is, indeed, a valuable investment. For this reason alone, it makes sense to constantly update and improve your home. But let’s get back to the aesthetic aspect of home ownership. I think of my home as my refuge, for myself and my family. It the the place I feel the most comfortable and relaxed. Why shouldn’t the kitchen be updated with modern amenities, including countertops, flooring, cabinets, light fixtures, and appliances? We use the kitchen everyday for cooking, eating, and most importantly, congregating. One of the favorite parts of my day is dinner with my family. We spent time together over the meal and have an opportunity to enjoy each others company. I will freely admit that I don’t enjoy the actual home improvement while it is taking place, but as someone once said, “nothing, that is worth doing, is ever accomplished without some sacrifice.”
Is it realistic to have your whole house remodeled at once? No it is not, unless you have another place to live while the work is being done. A better strategy; set priorities. One room at a time. Don’t try to rush through a project. Be patient. Find a reputable home improvement company. Ask about styles, trends, colors, and visit showrooms to look at carpet and tile. Ask to see a current copy of their commercial insurance certificate.
Do your homework, ask friends and associates for recommendations, look online for reviews. Remember, the purpose of home improvement is to enhance the quality of your life and the lives of your family members. What could be more important than that? Then, when it is time to sell your home, your work is done!