Fireplace Shelf Conversion in Allen

fireplace1sofashelvesWe were recently asked to convert a gas fireplace to a decorative bookshelf in Allen this month. The couple who wanted the built in shelves said they had never used the fireplace and wanted a place to put decorative items in their living room. In addition the gas line for the fireplace could now be redirected to the back patio and be used for the gas grill. No more propane tanks! They were fortunate in that they had remaining tiles left over from tiling their living room floor to cover the foot print of the fireplace.

Here is what the homeowner had to say about the project:

Our project was to remove the protruding fireplace from our living room and put recessed oak shelves in its place. This involved demolition of the existing structure, moving the fireplace gas line for an outside grill, building an arch in the resulting recess, matching the existing wall and ceiling texture, painting the entire room, tiling the bare spot on the floor, matching the existing grout, and building / staining / installing the custom oak shelves.

At first we were unsure about using a handyman company to do our living room remodel. We met with several contractors, and Brett (with Mr. Fixit Fast) asked the most questions, offered the most suggestions, and took the most measurements before committing to an estimate. We chose to work with Holly and Brett, and we were not disappointed.

Brett was prompt in the morning and cleaned up after himself each day. Prior to and throughout the project he communicated with us exceptionally well; both via phone calls and texts.

In the first week, during demolition, Brett discovered that the builder didn’t make the ceiling joists long enough to be fully supported by the outside wall. Due to his care, he was able to catch their mistake and build a second set of supports just inside the outside wall’s studs. Even with the second set of supports, the depth of the shelves was exactly the 12 inches that we wanted. The arch construction matches our existing arches throughout the rest of the living room because Brett actually traced one of them so that it would be perfect. Brett’s grout color choice matches our existing grout perfectly, and the oak shelf stain matches our new couch and ceiling fan color.

Every step of the project was done with great care and craftsmanship. I was home for a good number of days during construction, so was able to witness it first hand. The finished product looks amazing, and my wife and I couldn’t be happier. We will definitely be using Mr. Fixit Fast for all of our future projects.

Bryan T.

Thanks for the thorough and kind review Bryan, we enjoyed working with you on your project.