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Ronnie Baker / Staff Photo – Owner Holly Kreisner shows client Alicia Bell floor samples for her home.

By Kim Williams,
Published: Friday, October 1, 2010 6:29 PM CDT

Everyone bustles around busy as bees in the city, whether it is Christmas time or not. Since schedules are packed full of activities, events, outings and engagements, some people never have the time to get things done around the house like they would like to.

Holly Kreisner, owner of Mr. Fixit Fast, knows just how true this is and created a business to help residents complete makeover jobs and other household maintenance that they may not have time for.

“We provide home repair and remodeling services to the area east of I-35 and north of 635, focusing on the Plano, Allen and McKinney suburbs,” Kreisner said. “In October I will have been in this business one year.”

Ronnie Baker / Staff Photo – Holly Kreisner, owner of Mr. Fixit Fast, shows client Alicia Bell floor samples for her home.

Kreisner worked for more than 25 years in the apparel/home textile business prior to her new business venture.

“I worked for companies such as Dillard’s and JC Penney as a buyer and product developer, Kreisner said. “For the last decade I traveled the globe for my own company sourcing product, designing textiles, apparel and homelines and supplying large companies throughout the U.S.”

Kreisner wanted to find something she could do locally as she moved into retirement that did not require travel.

“Something different from what I had done all those years but would occasionally incorporate some of my design talents,” Kreisner said. “I also liked the idea of a service business, working with people, solving problems, making things easier for them. I had experience building my own home, remodeling homes, working with contractors and always enjoyed it.”

Kreisner lived in Plano from 1997 through 2008. She now resides in Allen. Kreisner chose to move to Plano because of the reputation of the schools. “This turned out to be a great choice for our son,” Kreisner said. “Since Plano is so close to Allen, and I am so very familiar with Plano, it made perfect sense to market to it as well as Allen.”

Kreisner explained that she noticed a true need in the community and was excited that she could fill that need with her experience and creativity.

“The No. 1 benefit of doing business with us is the talented, reliable, knowledgeable handymen we have, Kreisner said. “I cannot say enough good things about them. They show up when they say they will, have the skills needed to get the jobs done. They are honest and trustworthy.” Kreisner said that it has taken a full year to put together a strong team – one she believes in and knows that her clients can too.

“That is why I say that ‘I am the woman behind the men between you and home improvement,’” Kreisner said. “I have heard so many horror stories of people that come to start projects and never finish or are disappointed with the work. This, of course, is not the case with Mr. Fixit Fast – we stand behind our services.”

Kreisner explained that she runs criminal and reference checks on every handyman she employs. “I would also say our other benefit is our free estimates, quick availability and reasonable prices,” Kreisner said. “The services we offer include plumbing, electrical, drywall, painting, carpentry, granite counter tops, and we specialize in all types of flooring including wood, tile, carpet and vinyl.”

Kreisner recently joined the Plano Chamber of Commerce in July, but has already experienced firsthand the benefits of becoming a member. “I try to go every Friday morning for the Business Interchange. It is the most unusual event of its kind I have ever attended – with singing, dancing and costumes,” Kreisner said. “It is more like entertainment than work. Everyone made me feel so much at home so quickly.”

Kreisner enjoys the networking opportunity at this and believes it is a two-fold venture. “I found sources for services I needed as well as customers for my products,” Kreisner said. “We have even been asked to fix some things at the chamber office too. It is a very warm place. I am pleased that I have joined.”

Another chamber activity Kreisner has participated in is attending two women’s luncheons. “These were also beneficial. I received leads that led to business and also did business with someone I met there,” Kreisner said. “The thing that surprised me was that it was pouring rain that day, and I figured there would be only a few people there – and the room was packed. These women are very dedicated to the chamber and its activities.”

When Kreisner received a weekly newcomer list to send out information on the company, she was excited. “New homeowners are six times more likely to need a handyman than any other homeowner, so this service is extremely helpful to me; and of course, I have received excellent leads from this method in just this short time.”

Kreisner is married to Mark Keene, a teacher in Garland ISD who has gone in opposite directions of Kreisner’s career. “By the way, he is not a handyman, but he is very supportive regarding the business,” Kreisner said.

Her son is studying political science at Trinity University in San Antonio and considers Pinky, their spoiled pet Havanese, part of the family.

Lindsey Kleinhans, membership development manager for the Plano Chamber of Commerce, is excited to have Kreisner in the fold. “From the day that Holly joined the Plano Chamber of Commerce, she has been diligent in attending every networking event that she possibly can,” Kleinhans said. “She is a member of multiple chambers and stays busy utilizing the resources provided by each. Holly is a true believer in the ‘power of networking’ to market her business face to face in the business community and because of this, she is successful in her business.”

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