Kitchen Remodel in Allen………Mine!!!

Our home was built in 1986, well constructed, a semi-custom, semi-tract home that was not particularly well maintained.  We moved in 4 years ago and have been updating ever since.  New carpet throughout.  New tile in the entry.  Paint, crown molding in the master bedroom, drywall repair where there was holes in the walls, new  faucets in the master bath, kitchen and guest bath,  insulation in the attic, new water heater,  sprinkler system, new light fixtures installed, door handles throughout it is a constant work in process.  A few months after we moved in a 6 year old boy drove his Mom’s Honda pilot through our fence and brick wall into the master bath, no one was hurt and we got a needed bathroom remodel.

Now it is time for the 26 year old kitchen to be updated.  The stove and stove top are vintage 80’s as are the cabinets, vinyl flooring and formica counters.  I will be using my regular Mr. Fixit Fast Team (of course) to do the top quality work and will take you through the steps along the way in the Blog.  Kitchens are the ultimate in remodels because they have so many moving parts:  demo, painting, drywall, cabinetry, granite, plumbing, appliances,  electrical, flooring, trim….there is so much that can go wrong.  I look forward to sharing my experience and answering your questions as the process moves along.  Check out the videos here:

and the second part:

Or find us on Youtube where you can watch all the step-by-step videos of the ongoing remodel.