Laminate Floor Repair

There are 3 types of wood/wood look floors: laminate, engineered, and nail down.  Laminate floors are usually the least expensive to install because they snap together like a puzzle, as compared to other wood floors that are glued or nailed down.  When a laminate floor needs planks replaced, and you have the additional planks, it is a relatively easy fix depending on where the problem is located.  If it is near a wall or baseboard it takes much less time to repair then if it is in the center of the floor.  In the center of the floor all the planks have to be removed from the wall to the center and then replaced.  This can take hours depending on the size of the room.  Mr. Fixit Fast recently sent a handyman to Fairview to do a laminate repair that was close to a wall and did not take much time to repair.