Latex vs Oil Based Paint

When considering which type of household paint to use, it is important to ask several pertinent questions. What is to be painted? What is my budget? What are the safety and environmental questions relating to latex vs oil based paint?

Latex Paint Advantages
* It is water based
*It is quicker to dry
*It does not yellow over time
*It is easier to clean up
*It is better for the environment
*It is roughly 25% less expensive than oil based paint

Latex Paint Disadvantages
*It is not as long lasting or as durable as oil based paint
*It is not recommended for wooden surfaces because it swells the
wood and requires sanding between coats
*It chips more easily

Oil Based Paint Advantages
*It goes on smoothly and is able to thoroughly cover the surface
and may only require a single coat
*Oil based paint shrinks less
*It is more durable overall, it is best for trim, cabinets, and wood surfaces

Oil Based Paint Disadvantages
*It takes longer to dry
*It is difficult to clean up, turpentine is needed for brushes
*it cannot be poured down the drain, it must be properly recycled

Choosing The Best Paint Type
*If you choose latex, use a quality paint with 100% acrylic binders
*Always buy the best quality paint that you can afford as it will insure a better looking and more durable paint job.