Our Patio: A Living Space

Lately we have been spending more time, particularly in the evening, on our patio. A few inexpensive touches have transformed this small space into a quiet retreat.
The wrought iron furniture was in good shape, but the cushions were worn out. A new set of bright, geometric patterned cushions really made a difference. A can of black Rustoleum paint renewed the wrought iron.
Potted plants in large pots, with flowers, vines, and assorted flora were added around the perimeter. This border of potted plants acted as an enclosure of sorts, making the patio seem intimate and hidden.
Our patio is covered by the roof in our house, so that it is enclosed on three sides. Hanging baskets and wind chimes were placed to further the feeling of a greenhouse.
In the backyard, beds were turned and planted. A snowball bush was placed along a wall. Across the back fence, holes were dug and four blackberry bushes were placed. Landscaping is a matter of personal taste. The key is to keep it simple and easy to maintain.
The most enjoyable part of our backyard makeover, for me, is the bird feeder my wife Holly got me for my birthday. It attracts many varieties, including Cardinals, Bluejays, Sparrows, Doves, and Blackbirds. Doves have built nests in our hanging baskets. I really enjoy watching the birds feed and interact with each other.
If your patio has siding, make sure it is clean, and has a fresh coat of outdoor paint. If it needs replacing, heavy duty hardy board is the way to go.


A covered patio will enhance your enjoyment of your backyard by providing shade. It will also protect the back of your home from the elements. Patio covers come in all types and price ranges. A simple wood patio cover starts around $1200.
These are just a few ideas that can be used to make your patio a great living space.