Pool Table Lighting….More Complex than it appears

We received a request to install a light over a pool table in Frisco, TX this week by a homeowner that may have been surprised by what was entailed.  Her current lighting fixture was not centered over the pool table so the new one needed to be.  We went into the attic and found that the area above the pool table did not have any decking so walking and working it the attic was not a good option, the work needed to be done below.  A new electrical box and additional wiring needed to be added to center the new fixture and the old fixture needed to be removed.  The ceiling then would need to be repaired in both areas, with tape, bed, texture and paint.  Once complete and dry the new fixture could be installed and connected to the on/off switch.

This electrical project is also a drywall and painting project; more complex than the homeowner expected.