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Getting The Most From Your Bedroom Closet

I found this great resource at a garage sale, entitled “Household Hints & Handy Tips” by Reader’s Digest. The following excerpt discusses how to best use your bedroom closet.


“Always hang coat hangers so that all the hooks point away from you.This makes it easy to remove several articles at once-or all of them in an emergency.

Hang all your short things at one side of the closet. Usually you’ll create enough space underneath for a shoe rack, a small chest of drawers, or a second clothes rod.

Rub a bit of paste furniture wax on a wooden clothes rod. You’ll find that hangers slide back and forth more easily.

Whenever you remove a garment from a hanger, put the hanger at the end of the rod. When you rehang the garment, you won’t have to search for a hanger or create a tangle.

If you’re annoyed by hangers getting tangled, remove the pole and saw shallow notches at 1/2- inch intervals along its top edge.

Consider storing folded clothes on shelves that pull out. They are more flexible than dresser drawers and they can be used at greater heights than drawers.

If you have a closet without a light fixture, you can get an inexpensive battery operated light unit that mounts on the wall or ceiling.”

It may be necessary to completely revamp your closet by removing all existing rods and shelves. If you are not comfortable doing the work yourself, Mr Fixit Fast has trained professionals who can remove existing closet fixtures, and design and execute a functional closet that will address your particular needs.