To vent or not to vent, that is the question?

We often have clients that are installing microwave ovens that have vents as part of the oven that recirculate the air and want to know if it can be vented into the attic.

Our recommendation is that if you are going to vent out, go all the way out through the roof.  For newer consturction, it is building code to do so and for good reason.

photo 2 (3)According to the trained eye home inspectors:

“The short, direct answer to your question is that you should definitely install a properly vented range hood rather than a re-

circulating unit, as long as it is practical. Venting the kitchen range exhaust to the exterior of the home will not only improve

moisture management within the home but will also reduce cooking smoke & residue in the kitchen. If you do a lot of frying and

similar cooking, you will notice a marked improvement over the old unit. With your home more air tight than previously, indoor air

quality issues such as smoke from cooking may become more of a concern than in the past.”

The photo of the kitchen you see was one of our carpenters’ solution for installing the vent above a kitchen cabinet.  He

made the vent attractive and unobtrusive.