Why choose a nail down hardwood floor over a glue down hardwood

The popularity of glue down hardwood floors has been rampant.  They come in every size and color, look terrific, are offered in every price range and are relatively easy to install for a trained technician.  Why then do I suggest that a nail down hardwood floor be considered over a glue down hardwood.  First, a glue down wood floor is made of very thin strips of wood or veneer that are easily damaged, gouged, scratched etc. when used day to day.  These damages are difficult to repair.  In addition, the color of the planks are permanent and cannot be re-stained or coated.  These issues are not a problem with nail down hardwood floors.  They can repaired and re-stained many times by a trained professional.  The initial cost may be a little more, depending on the type of glue down wood you were planning on using but I believe it is worth it.  It will last longer, is more flexible as you change your decorating tastes, and can be repaired easily.